Operation Yellowhammer

Ornithology What has Brexit to do with a small member of the bunting family? A bird that is migratory, apparently recognising no national boundaries. One that is found throughout Europe and thrives in its adopted homes in Australia and New Zealand.  So widespread is the Yellowhammer (Emberiza citronella) that it has been adopted as the…
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Data sharing under GDPR: What you need to know

A brief summary of how data protection law affects how you process and share personal date. Including definitions, the principles, legal basis,with whom you may share, and contracts and agreements required

Brexit: 55 Days to Go, or is it?

It has been a momentous week for UK politics. With Parliament back from the summer recess MPs moved to seize the Order Paper from Government. There then followed an audacious move to legislate against a “No Deal” Brexit, a move which would hamstring the Government’s Brexit negotiation strategy. The Government’s strenuous attempts to prevent the…
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Stop All the Clocks (with apologies to WH Auden)

The weekend papers informed us that many of the Brexit Countdown clocks installed in Number 10 and elsewhere across Whitehall have been turned off.  The countdown clocks initiated by the Prime Minister’s most senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, were designed to underline the Government’s firm resolve to leave the EU by 31st October. Deal or No…
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Sweden issues first fine under GDPR for the use of facial recognition technology in a school

Previously on this blog, we discussed the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigation into the planned rollout of facial recognition software for a large site around King’s Cross in London. This investigation has renewed scrutiny of the technology among data protection observers, particularly in its relation to privacy rights. Facial recognition technology for use in…
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Countdown to Brexit… 69 days to go

The new Parliamentary session starts on 3rd September. Inevitably the session will be, once again, dominated by Brexit. With so little time between the start of the session and the Brexit deadline of Hallowe’en (31st October) there will be little Parliamentary time given over to any issues other than the terms of the UK’s exit…
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Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra under scrutiny amid concerns of ‘data handling practices’

It would be giving the burgeoning cryptocurrency Libra short shrift to call it ambitious. Its aims as stated in the Libra Association’s white paper are lofty even by the rhetorical standards of Silicon Valley. If defining Libra as ‘the internet of money’ isn’t enough to convince you of the level of its aspiration, the paper…
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Framework for EU-US data flows under scrutiny as ‘Schrems II’ case takes place at the CJEU

For those unfamiliar with the Schrems saga, a brief catch-up may be required. The original case, now known as ‘Schrems I,’ involved an Austrian activist, Max Schrems, filing a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Agency against Facebook. The complaint was that Facebook had allowed US authorities to access his personal data on social media…
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Two high-profile GDPR fines for British Airways and Marriott International, Inc

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has released two statements this week declaring intention to fine British Airways and Marriott International, Inc £183.39m and £99m respectively for breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In both cases, which affect data subjects from countries across the world, the ICO was the lead supervisory authority acting on…
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University data protection policies under scrutiny as report finds threats of cyber attacks

A report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute and conducted by Jisc, a digital infrastructure provider for HE, has emphasised the expanding risks of cyberattacks among UK universities and academic institutions in general. Last year saw an increase (17%) in attacks and breaches from the year before, and the trend is likely to continue.…
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