ISO Certification

Data security breaches, data theft, hacking and phishing are now everyday occurrences. Such breaches destroy reputations in an instant.  As a result, increasing numbers of businesses now demand ISO certification as a matter of course before appointing any new data supplier.

Using ISO frameworks helps organisations support compliance with data protection regulations. DC helps you navigate the recent updates to the ISO standards.

  • Security: ISO 27001 is the information security standard which provides and Information Security Management System (ISMS) and risk management processes.
  • Management: BS 10012 sets out a personal information management system, to provide controls to prevent risks to personal information
  • Personal Data in the Cloud: ISO/IEC 27018, combined with a robust ISMS, ensures you address security issues related to personal data stored in the cloud

Data Compliant takes the pain out of the process

Using consultants and certified data auditors to provide organisational, technical, cyber and procedural measures for compliance and security throughout the stages to ISO certification:

  • Establish clear timeline detailing stages and personnel required
  • Gap analysis / risk identification
  • Production of policies and procedures manual
  • Implementation of manual throughout the business
  • Ongoing DPO (Data Protection Officer) support 

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