Google’s British service users’ data to get US oversight

Amid perceived (or professed) uncertainty around the UK’s future GDPR adequacy status, Google executives have opted to transfer oversight of their UK data subjects from their EU subsidiary Google Ireland Limited to their American HQ Google LLC. Cited by outlets such as Reuters and The Guardian, Lea Kissner, Google’s former lead for global privacy technology,…
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Government expands Ofcom’s role to combat ‘Online Harms’

Online harms can take a variety of forms, privacy violations being among the most notorious. Regardless of how we categorise negative internet user experiences, we know from a recent Ofcom study that 61% of adults and 79% of 12-15 year olds have reported at least one potentially harmful online experience in the last 12 months.…
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How to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) in 8 simple steps

Many business activities these days will entail significant amounts of data processing and transference. It’s not always clear-cut as to what your organisation does that legally requires, or does not legally require, an impact assessment on the use of personal data – i.e. a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). People may be familiar with Privacy…
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Brexit pathway

Brexit at 20 Days. A pathway emerges

This was the week in which Brexit positions hardened.  Last Monday it became clear that EU leaders were not won over by the UK Government’s Protocol.  The Protocol was launched amid high expectations on 2nd October.  It was designed to break the deadlock and introduce a new approach to the problem of customs checks between…
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legitimate interests and consent

GDPR. Legitimate Interests and Consent.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of legitimate interests and consent. It can be tricky working out the lawful basis (or bases) with which the data processing activities of your organisation are best defined and justified. They will vary across different business areas and between – and even within – industries.  Legitimate…
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Brexit. 35 days to go … and stormy times at Westminster

Well nobody saw that coming! On Tuesday, as storm clouds descended on Westminster, the Supreme Court delivered its own thunderbolt.  In a unanimous decision, all 11 Supreme Court Justices ruled that, in the circumstances, it was unlawful for the Government to advise the Queen to prorogue Parliament. The suspension of Parliament was void and the…
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European Council Presidency gets closer to finalising the ePrivacy Regulation

On the 18th September, the Presidency of the European Council published its proposed amendments to the draft ePrivacy Regulation which will replace the current ePrivacy Directive framework. With the new regulation in place, the EU’s framework for data protection and confidentiality of electronic communications will be complete. ePrivacy and GDPR How is the ePrivacy Directive…
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42 days and counting….

With the countdown to Brexit clock still ticking it seems that all has gone (relatively) quiet on the Brexit front. Parliament is not sitting and won’t be back until 14th October but this has not stopped politicians and commentators on all sides of the debate from re-iterating their deeply-held positions.    Behind the scenes, it…
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Data sharing under GDPR: What you need to know

A brief summary of how data protection law affects how you process and share personal date. Including definitions, the principles, legal basis,with whom you may share, and contracts and agreements required

Brexit: 55 Days to Go, or is it?

It has been a momentous week for UK politics. With Parliament back from the summer recess MPs moved to seize the Order Paper from Government. There then followed an audacious move to legislate against a “No Deal” Brexit, a move which would hamstring the Government’s Brexit negotiation strategy. The Government’s strenuous attempts to prevent the…
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