Data Security

Data Security is one of the core principles of global data protection regulations. People expect you to protect their personal data against attack or breach. Effective data security is an essential element in business.  The loss of reputation and ensuing lack of trust from  customers, clients or employees after a breach can be every bit as costly to your business as any fine imposed from the regulator. 

The law states:  “Personal data shall be processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security … by using appropriate technical or organisational measures.”

Over 80% of breaches are caused by inadvertent staff error, so training your staff is key to security and compliance.   

Assess your Data Security Processes and Technology

The first step is to consider the safeguards you have in place to protect the data you collect, store, process, share and transfer from internal and external breach.

Data Security Deliverables

Data Compliant provides specialist physical, IT and cyber data security knowledge to help businesses protect their systems, their data and their reputation. We advise on physical, technical and organisational risks and solutions. Deliverables include:

  • development of information security management systems (a set of written data security policies and procedures)
  • advice on technical aspects of data collection, storage, retention, backup, encryption, transfers
  • controlling access to areas where data (hard or soft copy), hardware or software are stored
  • network security including firewall protection and protection against malware and viruses
  • security systems and file security
  • controlling access to data
  • cloud storage security
  • development of frameworks, processes and procedures for threat prevention, detection, response, recovery and breach notifications
  • assistance with ensuring that Privacy by Design is embedded throughout your organisation
    • data protection impact assessments
    • legitimate interests impact assessments

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