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Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra under scrutiny amid concerns of ‘data handling practices’

It would be giving the burgeoning cryptocurrency Libra short shrift to call it ambitious. Its aims as stated in the Libra Association’s white paper are lofty even by the rhetorical standards of Silicon Valley. If defining Libra as ‘the internet of money’ isn’t enough to convince you of the level of its aspiration, the paper…
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Framework for EU-US data flows under scrutiny as ‘Schrems II’ case takes place at the CJEU

For those unfamiliar with the Schrems saga, a brief catch-up may be required. The original case, now known as ‘Schrems I,’ involved an Austrian activist, Max Schrems, filing a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Agency against Facebook. The complaint was that Facebook had allowed US authorities to access his personal data on social media…
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