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Time to put an end to half-baked cookies

Supervisory authorities across the UK and Europe are turning their attention to cookies in non-compliant websites – here are some tips to help you put things right

Sweden issues first fine under GDPR for the use of facial recognition technology in a school

Previously on this blog, we discussed the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigation into the planned rollout of facial recognition software for a large site around King’s Cross in London. This investigation has renewed scrutiny of the technology among data protection observers, particularly in its relation to privacy rights. Facial recognition technology for use in…
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Be Data Aware: the ICO’s campaign to improve data awareness

As the Information Commissioners Office’s ongoing investigation into the political weaponisation of data analytics and harvesting sheds more and more light on the reckless use of ‘algorithms, analysis, data matching and profiling’ involving personal information, consumers are becoming more data conscious. The ICO, as of 8th May, has launched an awareness campaign, featuring a video, legal factsheets reminding…
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